Preproduction material


An early concept featuring older designs of the characters.

Concepts for Scene 4: Sightseeing.

Concepts for Scene 4: Sightseeing.

Colour scripts.

An example of an animated panel with a simple 8 frame loop.

A scene in which the characters are observing bioluminescence.

Sheets and resources

Marin and Cielo.

Second iteration of Marin and Cielo, with input.

Sheets for the second iterations of the designs.

Marin's ship, Horizon.


A reversible poster.

Another poster of Marin and Cielo on the bowsprit.


Abstract representation of the climax.

Plunging. An atmosphere of danger.

Minimalistic compass and pinwheel, two important objects.

A simple drawing with lyrics from How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence + the Machine.