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Preproduction materials for Compass


An early concept featuring older designs of the characters.

Concepts for Scene 4: Sightseeing.

Concepts for Scene 4: Sightseeing.

Colour scripts.

An example of an animated panel with a simple 8 frame loop.

A scene in which the characters are observing bioluminescence.

Sheets and resources

Marin and Cielo: early designs.

Second iteration of Marin and Cielo designs.

Sheets for the second iterations of the designs.

Marin's ship, Horizon.

Marin's ship, Horizon.


A reversible poster.

Another poster of Marin and Cielo on the bowsprit.


Abstract representation of a final scene.

Plunging. An atmosphere of danger.

Minimalistic compass and pinwheel, two important objects.